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Start-up Coaching + Growth

Coaching for Start-ups

The company launch is the most important and, often times, hardest phase of moving in to self-employment and a decisive step into entrepreneurship – that is why start-up coaching is of fundamental importance. Professional help and close support are very relevant and can often influence the success or failure of the entire project.

Thanks to the support of many programs, every founder can benefit from the help of a specialized and competent management consultant. As a coach, I make my clients a very good offer:

I accompany them from the beginning over a period of at least four months making sure that they are going in the right direction and that they stay there. We work together on any weakness or shortcomings the business idea might have and give full throttle toward success!


Funded coaching


Considering these important components and implementing them according to certain specifications will yield results. Therefore, the following content is part of my success coaching for company founders:

-Initial goal and motivation review and setting. This may well take a few weeks when done in parallel with the concept creation.

-Continuous cost controlling. Within 24 hours you will receive a rating from me regarding investment or the cost block as well as alternative solutions.

-Consistent offer help. Please discuss everything with me before using the offer; you will also receive feedback from me within 24 hours.

-Goal and task planning and monitoring through self journal.

-Monday appointments. Regular Monday appointments can be carried out via Skype as they only take about 30 minutes. Here we focus on goals, concrete action and work planning positions as well as the determination of verifiable success criteria.

-Friday appointments. Regular Friday appointments give us the opportunity to apply success controls, evaluate, make action recommendations, adapt targets, refine actions (including cost cutting actions) as well as setting creative homework for the weekend.

-Completion. After approx. 3 months of concrete recommendations for action, we will work on a concept for the next three months to get you going.

Together with them and in a structured way, I guide my clients to the success of their own independence. I enjoy sharing my experience and knowledge while keeping it as simple as possible – the biggest challenge for me is the individual starting position of the founder.

I am constantly working with my clients on their self journal for a successful quarter. The coaching itself can be done simply and easily via Skype and other video transmission and is, therefore, not locally limited. Whether in Germany or worldwide – I look after my clients wherever they wish!


Thanks to my coaching, you will have a completely new organizational structure within four months. You will be able to work purposefully, productively and efficiently towards the right goals, without being distracted by unimportant things. You will outsource certain tasks and thus save valuable time for your core competences. Usually, this goes hand-in-hand with an increase in sales and profits because coaching enables you to work on your weaknesses while keeping the focus on your strengths. You will not only work efficiently, but also effectively on your success – you will learn the fundamentals in my coaching.

After coaching, you will be able to take care of your own business success. You will become a better leader and will not need success seminars or executive coaching anymore – get more done in less time and learn more everyday on your way to success.

In addition to coaching success, you receive my business management knowledge and a detailed corporate concept.

For more information, contact me at or under telephone number 0800 143 0000 – please feel free to communicate with me in English – completely without risk because the first telephone call is always free!


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