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Marketing & Advertising

Holistic marketing concepts

Marketing means, strictly speaking, that products and services created for a specific target group are also brought to this group through advertising. In contrast to the general understanding, marketing does not just mean the process of selling but includes all measures and steps that promote it. This process can also lead to modifications and optimization of the product or service for and with the customer to better meet their needs.

Marketing also means finding and using the best communication channels to reach your target audience. Marketing processes run through all aspects of a company and must be scheduled and planned strategically and financially.

Online marketing

Search engine optimization

If you are thinking about the using new media as a marketing platform, there are a variety of different tools you can fall back on. Here are the most important principles:

Unfortunately, many new entreprenuers and even well-established business owners neglect making search engine optimization part of their online marketing strategy. This means that money spent on creating and maintaining a homepage is often wasted on a page that cannot easily be found. Lucky for founders: Through my collaboration with one of the most capable SEO experts in Dresden, I can directly support the founders I look after – because through the cooperation you get major discounts!

Marketing Existenzgründer

AdWords campaigns, Facebook ads and other click ads

It is important to reach your future clientele economically. Online we have a significantly better chance of reaching with ads tailor-made for targeting our audience than offline.  I enjoy helping with the planning and concrete design of such ad campaigns. You can also get financial support for this business start-up advice

Recommendation marketing

The most effective advertising for many is recommendation by other customers. Unfortunately, founders often don’t have a customer base for referral marketing. For corporate clients, however, I can make my network available to you and help you quickly build a customer base that recommends your services. Social media are playing a more important role and should be used right from the start!

Direct approach for new customer acquisition

Whether you are new or an experienced entrepreneur:


It is crucial to reach your target group economically and effectively. Online there are far better opportunities to address your target group. As your management consultant, I would like to help you with the planning and concrete design of your campaign. Financial support for business consulting is available to help you with this too.


Recommendation marketing (slightly different, but very repetitive)

Marketing Existenzgründer

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