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Start-up Loans / Financing


To exhaust all your options, I recommend obtaining comprehensive information abbot typical loan options (especially in the federal state of Saxony):

Most start-ups suffer under insufficient capital. As a business consultant, I spend a large part of my time laying for financing through start-up loans for my clients. Most founders are not just under-capitalized but also have inadequate collateral – which in extreme cases means that a simple bank loan is out of the question.

KfW StartGeld Start-up Loan to 100,000 Euro


The KfW Start-up Loan was for a long time the preferred product in start-up financing. Although times have changed, the program continues to offer funding opportunities with irrefutable advantages:


Low interest rates: The KfW Start-up money grants founders a liability exemption of 80% for KfW. As founder you continue to take full risk, but the house bank is relived and, therefore, more easily persuaded to lend.


No personal funds necessary: The KfW Start-up Loan can also be used when the entrepreneur has only very small funds.


100,000 per start-up: BUT! Only 30,000 Euro  can be used for equipment. The rest has to be invested.


Involvement of the house bank: In order to use the KfW grant, cooperation between the founder, the house bank and the KfW (federal government) is necessary. House banks often prefer the solution through the Bürgerschaftsbank Sachsen to the less common approach with the KfW.


Conclusion: The KfW Start-up Loan does not make sense for every start-up – depending on the house bank – and difficult to put through. Nevertheless, it remains an attractive option and you can use the link to the KfW program (link:



This option has often been used in recent years for the generation of funds and provides a quick an uncomplicated alternative to the KfW Start-up Loan. It is especially popular with regional house banks and therefore much easier to apply for and recieve than the KfW Start-up Loan.

The house bank loan with indemnity of the Bürgerschaftsbank Sachsen is characterized by the following advantages:


-Loan amount up to 2 million Euros: The comparatively large loan amounts are undoubtedly of interest to start-ups. The small-sized version is 200,000 euros – loans that go beyond this amount require a different decision.


-Only 10% equity required: The loan amount will be paid, even if personal funds are limited – however, entrepreneurs have to demonstrate use of about 10% on investment.


-First year losses may be planned – an advantage because not everything runs according to plan when starting a business!


-80% liability exemption for BBS: This means that as a business founder / start-up you continue to take full risk, but the house bank is relieved of liability. As a result, this is the preferred option for house banks – the exemption from liability makes it possible to act largely risk free. Another advantage: the lower risk for the house bank automatically reduces the rate so that you have a significantly reduced financial burden.


-Quick credit decision and disbursement of the loan. As a rule the processing time for this option is ver short and therefore very attractive for most start-ups.


As attractive as the house bank loan with indemnity of Bürgerschaftsbank Sachsen may be, the disadvantages have to be considered too:


  • 10 percent of the total investment down. This is often a major hurdle, especially for entrepreneurs with limited funds. A small consolation: There is plenty of leeway when it comes to crediting one’s own work – so do not despair.
  • The house loan in the form mentioned is usually a bit more expensive in terms of interest rates and processing fees (compared to the KfW Start-up Loan)
  • 1% p.a. guarantee commission plus interest and 1.5% processing fee (of credit amount)


To sum up, this option is an attractive alternative to the KfW Start-up Loan at first glance – however, you are in the position of having low collateral and still having to produce more than 20,000 euros of your own funds. Here, there are often better options for entrepreneurs, for example in the form of the following microloan – also known as the superstar of start-up loans in Saxony for many situations and projects. Are you still interested in a house bank loan with indemnity of the Bürgerschaftsbank Sachsen? Then find out more about the program by following the link


BBS-Bürgerschaft (in German)(link:


The SAB Micro Loan


The SAB microloan is a quick, cheap and solid option for start-ups with manageable financial needs. The name of the program explains it all – it is only of interest if you only need up to 20,000 and can produce 5,000 euros in funds or services (again, there is a lot of leeway here, so do not lose heart if the situation seems suboptimal at first). The interest rate on the mircoloan is slightly above 1 percent and unbeatably cheap – and the application is no more complicated than with the other types of loans, which is somewhat disappointing given the low amount and high equity ratio. Nevertheless micro loans are one of the most popular start-up loans for small and manageable projects.


Find more information about the project here: SAB Micro Loans (link to: ???)



In addition to the aforementioned loans, there are other forms of financial aid, which are used often by start-ups. Founders should keep in mind that the funding options mentioned above support at least 95 % of all founders I have accompanied – so I save myself and you time by leaving out products you most likely will not apply for. However, the following points may be of interest:

4.1 Employment Agency Start-up Grant


This wonderful program provided by the employment agency gives founders the opportunity, within a period of 6 months to receive full unemployment benefits, and ensures a further amount of 300 euros extra for a period of up to 15 months, so that you can pay for health insurance – a great bonus because the cost of health insurance is often underestimated by business founders.


Dipl.-Ökon. & MBA Toni Großmann supports you as an entrepreneur and start-up founder. Together we can get start-up funding!

Consultancy Funding / Support


As stated above professional advice and support is the key to successful start-ups. Without specialist management consultants, possible paths quickly go nowhere – therefore, you should definitely take advantage of my service. You could also pay for it yourself, but why spend money unnecessarily, if you can get support for it. From my experience, I know: Often comprehensive support is only possible if such support is available


  • -educating people on their options for start-up funding is important to me and therefore, my recommendation for anyone seriously considering setting up their own business.


Below are the three most popular advisory services my customers enjoy. By the way: I often handling the application and processing completely myself!


4.2.1 AVGS vouchers


Anyone who founds their company out of unemployment, can use the AVGS voucher to work out a business plan with me for up to 60 hours or let me completely train you to be business-oriented. The financial settlement is taking care of by the employment agency. Small downside: not every start-up gets the AVGS vouchers.


Link to the program: AVGS Voucher (link:

80% - 100% Förderung für Deine Gründerberatung über das Arbeitsamt, die SAB oder die BAFA nutzen

BAFA Consultancy-Subsidy


The BAFA grant is a very uncomplicated program for start-up founders as well as existing companies. The Federal Office of Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) has recognized the importance of high-quality consultancy services and therefore secures the quality of the consultants with this support and promotes them in Saxony (outside of the Leipzig region). It subsidizes up to 80% of consolation fees (up to 4,000 euro) for verified consultants in all of Saxony. I personally use this program most often with my clients – it can, in fact be used by anyone, is easy to apply for and leaves much more flexibility than other programs!


Link to the program (in English) BAFA Subsidy (link: – correct link?


SAB Start-up Consulting


The SAB  (Sächsische Aufbaubank) attracts business founders with a 100% subsidy, which is however, so impractical that does not represent a realistic option for many start-ups because:


-Although start-up entrepreneurs get back 100% of the consulting fee (to a max. of 4,000 euros – but they have to put the money up including the obligatory VAT. The waiting period for repayment has proven to be long and wearing.


-The funding requires that 50% of the consulting time be spent together with the consultant – it is then more of coaching than pure advisory work on my part.


-The consultant only receives 50% of their usual hourly rate – a big shortcoming especially from view of the management consultant.


Link to the program: SAB-Gründungsberatung (Link: ???)

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